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As part of our project on “Race, Racism, and Liberal Arts,” the Aydelotte Foundation will host Abigail Boggs, Eli Meyerhoff, Nick Mitchell, and Zach Schwartz-Weinstein for a week-long residency, beginning April 10, 2023. These scholars are the authors of “Abolitionist University Studies: An Invitation” and will be on campus to participate in a keynote conversation on abolitionist university studies, hold office hours open to students and faculty, and to visit classes and seminars. 

Abolitionist university studies (AUS) is an interdisciplinary inquiry that foregrounds “the foundational epistemological and material violences of the U.S. state, liberalism, and capitalism” in the study of higher education. In other words, AUS analyzes colleges and universities by embracing the intellectual traditions of abolitionism, in addition to those of Black Studies, Feminist Studies, Ethnic Studies, and critical tendencies in a number of other disciplines. In addition to their work establishing this framework, Boggs, Meyerhoff, Mitchell, and Schwartz-Weinstein each study particular aspects of higher education in their own scholarship, including the role of foreign students, the history of alternative educational institutions, the development of Black and Feminist studies, and university unionism. 

A full schedule of events open to the Swarthmore community and the public related to the visit can be found below. 

Friday, April 7
6pm – Swarthmore Student Reading Group on Abolitionist University Studies (RSVP link and details forthcoming)

Tuesday, April 11
3-5pm – Open Office Hours with Boggs, Meyerhoff, Mitchell, and Schwartz-Weinstein (additional details forthcoming)

Thursday, April 13
1-3pm – Open Office Hours with Boggs, Meyerhoff, Mitchell, and Schwartz-Weinstein (additional details forthcoming)

Friday, April 14
6pm – “Abolish the University?” A conversation with Abigail Boggs, Eli Meyerhoff, Nick Mitchell, Zach Schwartz-Weinstein and special guests Sophie Lewis and Christopher R. Rogers. Making Worlds Bookstore, RSVP link forthcoming.

For questions about the residency, please contact Andy Hines (ahines1@swarthmore.edu). 

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Andy Hines is the Senior Associate Director of the Aydelotte Foundation. He is the author of Outside Literary Studies: Black Criticism and the University .

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