Swarthmore College

Are you teaching a course with faculty or students from other institutions?

The Aydelotte Foundation seeks examples of courses that cross institutional boundaries. We are most interested in courses in which Swarthmore students learn alongside students from institutions UNLIKE Swarthmore. Courses can be virtual or in person, synchronous or asynchronous, and collaborations can be for all or part of a course — as little as one class meeting or as long as a semester.  We would very much like to learn about any cross-institutional teaching collaboration in which you have participated, at any level. This might mean teaching a Swarthmore course that centrally involves  an instructor from another institution, co-developing a course with a colleague from a different institution that you then both teach on your own campus, or even one instructor teaching the same course at Swarthmore and at another institution simultaneously or in quick succession. We would also be interested in learning more about any experiences you have had with guest lectures/class sessions with faculty from other institutions during the pandemic — either hosting a guest in your own classroom or visiting someone else’s classroom. While we’re interested in hearing about courses that involve Swarthmore, we would also like to hear about any other cross-institutional teaching experiences you’ve had. 

Our primary interest is in discovering what students and faculty learn from cross-institutional courses of this kind that they might not otherwise learn; we also hope to hear what you’ve found valuable about teaching across institutions, and what resources you need to continue to do it.

If this applies to you, please fill out this form OR drop us a line: Andy (ahines1@swarthmore.edu).