Swarthmore College

Aydelotte Student Research Fellows work to support the ongoing research projects of the Foundation and undertake guided independent research projects of their own.


Jimin Lee

Jimin ’24 is studying Economics and Psychology on the pre-law track. Her research interests broadly include social and clinical psychology and the impact of early childhood education. Outside of academics, she likes to scout out new cities, work as a campus tour guide, eat Vietnamese food, and pick up new hobbies.



Mariam Muhammad

Mariam ’24 is a junior from Karachi, Pakistan studying a bit of everything, but mostly English. When she’s not listening to music (which is rare), she’s reading, journaling about her feelings, or watching the Pride and Prejudice movie for the twentieth time.



Sophia Peterson

Sophia Peterson

Sophia ’23 is studying Political Science and Arabic. Her interests include the relationship between political behavior and identity, deconstructing nationalist narratives of America, and survey design. In her free time, she enjoys reading poetry and perusing the Arabic-English dictionary.



Annie Ping

Annie Ping

Annie ’24 is interested in the social sciences, including economics, sociology, anthropology, and psychology. She loves music and plays the flute, piccolo, guzheng, and dizi. In her free time, she is probably rewatching/rereading The Untamed, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Money Heist.



Larissa Tolentino

Larissa is a junior from Tokyo pursuing an Honors Anthropology major and Art history minor. Her interests include immigration, art in colonial times, and food. In her free time, you’ll find her cooking, running, or exploring restaurants.



Andrés Villalba

Andrés is a sophomore intending to complete a special major in educational studies and sociology/anthropology. Their research interests include educational technology, bilingual education, and the intersection of education and urban planning. In their free time, they enjoy living out their urban planning dreams in Animal Crossing and The Sims 4.



Past Fellows