Swarthmore College

This is a bibliography drawn from a Zotero collection maintained by Timothy Burke, Rachel Sagner Buurma, and Andy Hines. It includes works used in the first-year seminar Why College? as well as works on the history of higher education, current policy debates on higher education, intellectual histories of the concept of “liberal arts”, and other materials of interest to the Aydelotte office in its research and ongoing conversation.

Slavery and the University
Beyond Education
The Education Trap — Cristina Viviana Groeger
Permanent Crisis
The Typical U.S. College Professor Makes $3,556 Per Course
Author – Jonathan Wilson
When ivory towers were black: a story about race in America’s cities and universities
Author – Sharon E. Sutton
The good university: what universities actually do and why it’s time for radical change
Author – Raewyn Connell
Mathematics Elsewhere
Indigenous internationalization: Indigenous worldviews, higher education, and Tribal Colleges and Universities
Author – Elizabeth Alva Sumida Huaman