Swarthmore College

This is a bibliography drawn from a Zotero collection maintained by Timothy Burke, Rachel Sagner Buurma, and Andy Hines. It includes works used in the first-year seminar Why College? as well as works on the history of higher education, current policy debates on higher education, intellectual histories of the concept of “liberal arts”, and other materials of interest to the Aydelotte office in its research and ongoing conversation.

Cangleska Wakan: The ecology of the sacred circle and the role of tribal colleges and universities
Author – Cheryl Crazy Bull
The Institute of American Indian Arts: modernism and U.S. Indian policy
Author – Joy L. Gritton
Closing in on the “Plantation”: Coalition Building and the Role of Black Women’s Grievances in Duke University Labor Disputes, 1965-1968
Author – Erik Ludwig
Caring by the hour: women, work, and organizing at Duke Medical Center
Author – Karen Brodkin
Making the world global: U.S. universities and the production of the global imaginary
Author – Isaac A. Kamola
Teach for Arabia: American universities, liberalism, and transnational Qatar
Author – Neha Vora
The branding of the American mind: how universities capture, manage, and monetize intellectual property and why it matters
Author – Jacob H. Rooksby
Undermining racial justice: how one university embraced inclusion and inequality
Author – Matthew Johnson
Knowledge Worlds: Media, Materiality, and the Making of the Modern University
Author – Reinhold Martin