Swarthmore College

This is a bibliography drawn from a Zotero collection maintained by Timothy Burke, Rachel Sagner Buurma, and Andy Hines. It includes works used in the first-year seminar Why College? as well as works on the history of higher education, current policy debates on higher education, intellectual histories of the concept of “liberal arts”, and other materials of interest to the Aydelotte office in its research and ongoing conversation.

Black Debt, White Debt
Author – Louise Seamster
Repair: redeeming the promise of abolition
Author – Katherine Franke
Reshaping the University: Responsibility, Indigenous Epistemes, and the Logic of the Gift
Author – Rauna Kuokkanen
Yes to the New Education, but What Kind?
Author – Christopher Newfield
Indentured Students — Elizabeth Tandy Shermer
Making the world global: U.S. universities and the production of the global imaginary
Author – Isaac A. Kamola
Free Speech and Koch Money Manufacturing a Campus Culture War.
Author – Ralph Wilson
Power Despite Precarity Strategies forthe Contingent Faculty Movement in Higher Education.
Author – Joe Berry