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Ahead of our Zoom conversation with Jennifer Doyle and K. Wayne Yang on November 16 at 7pm ET, our Aydelotte student fellows have been conducting background research on Frederick Wiseman’s At Berkeley. Our hope is that the film, nearing a decade since its release, will prompt a discussion about the current state of public higher education. For context, our fellows have created a timeline of events relevant to the making of the film, the cost of tuition in the University of California system, and developments in an ongoing cost of living crisis in Berkeley and in California. The convergence of these issues has led to the strike of 48,000 academic workers across the system, which begins today November 14. It is the largest strike of academic workers in the United States.


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Jimin Lee’24 is studying Economics and Psychology on the pre-law track.

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Mariam Muhammad’24 is a junior from Karachi, Pakistan studying a bit of everything, but mostly English.

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Sophia Peterson ’23 is studying Political Science and Arabic. Her interests include the relationship between political behavior and identity, deconstructing nationalist narratives of America, and survey design.

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Annie Ping ‘24 is interested in the social sciences, including economics, sociology, anthropology, and psychology.

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