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Episode One: ChatGPT and Cheating in South Africa with Stephen Sparks
Tim Burke, Rachel Buurma, and Andy Hines speak with Stephen Sparks take a somewhat different approach to talking about every professor’s favorite subject, namely ChatGPT and AI generally. It is not just an issue for American academics: faculty in South African universities are also reckoning with its impact. The problem of technologically sophisticated strategies for cheating (as well as some of the classics) is painfully familiar there as well as here, all the more so during the pandemic. Stephen Sparks is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Historical Studies at University of Johannesburg.

Podalot is the podcast of the Aydelotte Foundation at Swarthmore College, an interdisciplinary research center that supports the creation and dissemination of knowledge about liberal arts education as it exists across the broadest possible range of contexts and institutions.

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Marianne Dages is the Administrative Assistant for the Aydelotte Foundation.

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