Swarthmore College

This Is What the Liberal Arts Looks Like

Meet five liberal arts grads under age 30 who have been selected to represent five different fields of work. The five Fellows in the 2018-19 cohort come from the worlds of journalism, startups, education, innovation and public policy, and represent a wide range of career paths and possibilities.


2018-19 Frank 5 Fellow

Dina Zingaro ’13, Age 27

“Questioning accepted convention, so that the voices and narratives quieted by those in power are not silenced”

Associate Producer, CBS 60 Minutes



2018-19 Frank 5 Fellow

Bridget Boakye ’12, Age 28

“Engaging the African Diaspora to meaningfully address the challenges faced on the continent”

Co-founder, TalentsinAfrica and Writer, Amplify Africa



2018-19 Frank 5 Fellow

Dr. Lorenzo Ramirez ’10, Age 29

“Motivating others to harness the power of their story”

ALLIES in STEM Director, California Lutheran University



2018-19 Frank 5 Fellow

Paloma Perez ’14, Age 26

“On a mission to create a just world by creatively deploying media, law & public policy to pass the mic to the underserved”

Associate, Public Health and Policy, Burness Communications



2018-19 Frank 5 Fellow

Riana Shah ’14, Age 25

“Badass entrepreneur &

WOC using innovation strategy & tech to increase access to opportunity”

Founder/CEO, Independent Thought and Social Action International; and Consultant, Brightidea