Swarthmore College

Do you want to think about how demands for racial justice, labor market struggles, the changing climate, and ongoing culture wars have recast our understanding of what the liberal arts is and what it has been? Are you interested in doing research on what colleges might and ought to become in the future? Would you like to participate in interdisciplinary conversations and collaborations with artists, designers, journalists, and public intellectuals?

The Aydelotte Foundation is seeking student research fellows for the next academic year, 2024-2025. Research Fellows work closely with the director and senior associate director of the Aydelotte Foundation to support our research and programming around interdisciplinary and collaborative inquiry, the liberal arts, and higher education. Research Fellows have the opportunity to engage and support our current projects, including “Race, Racism, and Liberal Arts” and faculty seminars “Just Art,” and “Just Tech,” and future planned programming as well as to develop new projects.

Student research fellows commit an average of 5 to 10 hours per week on projects. As a fellow, you will gain experience in working for a research-based organization, organizing and presenting events, and writing and editing for a publication platform and podcast. You will develop an understanding of how the liberal arts functions at Swarthmore and institutions like it, as well as at higher education institutions different from Swarthmore. Aydelotte fellows have worked on projects including the history of FLI students at Swarthmore; the Supreme Court decision on affirmative action; undergraduate labor unions; and college sexual health programs. They have built resources for further study and research that align with the conversations in our “Race, Racism, and Liberal Arts” and “Universities and Democracy” Projects.

Research Fellows should be able to provide evidence of creativity, working to deadlines, independent thinking, and well-developed research skills in one or more disciplines. Facility with social media platforms, video and audio editing, podcasting, web development, publicity and events management, and/or general programming skills is welcome but not required. Research Fellows should be students in their third or fourth year of study at Swarthmore College. 

Applications are due by Wednesday, May 1, 2024. APPLY HERE

To apply you’ll need:
– A one page letter describing why you’re interested in becoming a student research fellow
– A one page resume

Please combine the letter and resume into a single PDF and name it LastName_FirstName_Aydelotte 

Questions? Contact Marianne Dages, Administrative Assistant for the Aydelotte Foundation, at mdages1@swarthmore.edu