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AlgoArt Exhibition @ Swarthmore College
Presented and Curated by Michael Wehar.
Featuring Xingyu Dong, Xinxin Li, Maya-Newman Toker, Alyssa Zhang
With additional works by John Mancini and students from UMass Boston

AlgoArt is a digital platform that brings together Artists and Technologists to create algorithmically generated visual designs and artworks.  In this exhibition, we tell the story of the AlgoArt platform which includes the Swarthmore students and external collaborators who helped make this possible.  Forty visual artworks will be on display that were generated using the AlgoArt platform.  Collective works composed of our visual designs & generative artworks received a 2nd place award from an international arts in STEM competition (IFoRE 2022) and a 1st place award from a computer science education academic conference (CCSC-EA 2022).

Opening Reception
Thursday, April 27th from 6:30pm – 8pm
McCabe Library at Swarthmore College
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The opening reception will include:
● Forty unique visual artworks on display
● AR experience & animated art generators
● Light refreshments and snacks

PDF Version of the Flyer available here

Supported by the Aydelotte Foundation, Swarthmore College Libraries, Swarthmore College Research Fund, Academic Division Research Fund, and Frances Velay Fellowship.

AlgoArt @Swarthmore College Poster

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