Swarthmore College

Meet five liberal arts grads under age 30 who have been selected to represent five different fields of work. The five Fellows in the 2017-18 cohort come from the worlds of business, engineering, the arts and education, and represent a wide range of career paths and possibilities.


2017-18 Frank 5 Fellow: Arts & Culture

Nell Bang-Jensen, Age 28

Associate Artistic Director, Pig Iron Theatre Company and Adjunct Professor, The University of the Arts

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2017-18 Frank 5 Fellow: Business ● Law & Policy

Marissa Davis, Age 29

“Bridging gaps across differences by leading with empathy.”

Co-Founder, Adopt a Degree

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2017-18 Frank 5 Fellow: Education

Kimberly St. Julian-Varnon, Age 27

“Live the life of the mind. Learn every day; it’s how you know you are alive.”

High School Teacher, Dayton High School and Adjunct Professor, Lee College

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2017-18 Frank 5 Fellow: STEM ● Healthcare

Dr. Kara Peterman, Age 29

“Why not include engineering in the liberal arts?”

Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst

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2017-18 Frank 5 Fellow: Wildcard

Sam Sussman, Age 26

“Find the best in others and let others find the best in you.”

Founder/Director, Extend

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