Swarthmore College

Aydelotte Student Research Fellows work to support the ongoing research projects of the Foundation and undertake guided independent research projects of their own.


Jacob Demree

Jacob ’19 is pursuing an honors Medical Anthropology major with minors in Peace and Conflict Studies and Latin American and Latino Studies. Fascinated by power relations, law, and health systems, he is currently completing a thesis on the legislative (im)mobility of health insurance reform. At the Aydelotte Foundation, Jacob looks forward to using ethnographic and qualitative data to understand the politics of liberal arts institutions.


Kendelle Durkson

Ken’delle ’20 is a junior Honors Sociology Major and Political Science Minor. His research interests include constitutional law, sociological jurisprudence, urban inequality, and racial stratification. In addition, Kendelle serves as the Student Chair of Diversity and Inclusion for the Swarthmore SGO and a Fall Political Fellow for NextGenAmerica. At the Aydelotte Foundation, Kendelle is interested in researching why minority students leave STEM for the social sciences and humanities at Swarthmore College.


Nirav Mehta

Nirav ’20 is from Bombay, India and is majoring in Political Science with a minor in History. He is deeply interested in the intersections of religion, philosophy, history, politics and culture and their role in constructing societies across the world. He enjoys reading and writing poetry and considers the Library of Congress and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. as his places of worship.


Eishna Ranganathan

Eishna ’20, a Cognitive Science major and Spanish minor and an interfaith facilitator. She seeks to understand the messiness and imperfection of the human condition using the lens of the mind and the lens of religion. She is interested in exploring how interfaith engagement can help us understand and value difference. As a research fellow at the Aydelotte Foundation, Eishna hopes to learn more about the landscape of liberal arts in America and explore varying perceptions of liberal arts education.